Great review in Le Canard Folk, Belgium!

The talented Swedish group, always attached to its Swedish and Finnish roots, also brilliantly composed, to the point that some of these compositions are hardly distinguishable from traditional tunes. It must be said that Jaerv creates arrangements that are both modern and harmonious, with very beautiful passages with several singing voices, an Irish flute and pretty percussions. We go from the simplest ballad to the folk-pop worthy of the great scenes, passing by some jazz improvisations, reveries, polskas, waltzes ... This very well-cared universe is undeniably endearing!

Le Canard Folk February 2017

Review in Hembygden (Swe)


Another positive review of Under den linden, this time from Hembygden, the largest folk and tradition-magazine in Sweden. 

"Låtarna har bra sväng och det är lätt att förstå att Jaerv är populära som liveband för kosnerter med dans. De spelar vår tids folkmusikaliska populärrytmer och gör det väldigt bra. Sången gör att arrangemangen blir än mer varierade och även det låter bra!"

Bengt Wittgren, december 2016

Nominations, 2 days to go....

If you have not already, please take a few minutes to nominate Jaerv as the group of the year. Just click HERE.

We have received some wonderful comments, here are some of them;

”Jaerv has successfully broadened the audience for folk music. By intertwining a bit of jazz and pop, they have invited a younger audience to appreciate the wonderful world of folk music. I introduced Jaerv’s music to my young music students and they loved it! They danced like I had never seen them dance before with such delight and joy! I also saw the smiles on faces of all ages as I saw Jaerv entertaining at a festival. Jaerv has found a way to make some ancient songs quite fresh and their original songs are innovative and captivating. This intriguing quintet can play a variety of instruments quite skillfully and their music is very addicting. The harmonies as they sing can put one in a bit of a euphoric mood desiring nothing more than for them to continue singing. Another reason that Jaerv deserves a nomination, is that beyond just being amazing musicians, they are also committed to bringing their music to audiences around the world, as they have shown in their recent tours to the United States and Japan. They are also involved in music education as they go into schools to perform and even occasionally invite the students to perform with them. They also have provided workshops in which other folk musicians can join with them to have fun and perhaps learn something new as they share together their common passion for folk music. In addition to a successful multi-country tour this year, Jaerv released their third studio album, entitled Under den linden. Listening to Jaerv makes me want to be a better musician as well as a better person. I am inspired.”,

”För att Jaerv på ett inspirerade och nutida sätt sprider och därigenom bidrar till att bevara svensk folkmusik och dess tradition! ”,

”Fantastiskt musikaliska killar”,

”Svängigt, stämningsfullt, medryckande, berörande”,

”En grupp som sprider glädje genom sitt sätt att tolka och förändra den svenska folkmusiken.”