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Under den linden (2016)

by Jaerv

"Five men strong Jaerv is a good example of the urge for Swedish folk music abroad. The group has recently returned from their third successful US tour, has toured Europe and has just finished their third album "Under den linden". Which becomes a powerful listening, with almost epic breadth of moods and expressions. Yes, the sense of musical drama, a coherent story that looks to both the old Swedish folk music as well as Finnish tradition and self-composed.

There are suggestive archaic song parts, for example in a polonaise from Småland, an intimate ballad with finely arranged acoustic guitars, Celtic sounding flute and compelling bowing. And the playing sometimes pulls on an exciting way to jazz and improvisation. All the time carefully and never too much. Jaerv stands out as a rare full-fledged folk group."

Uppsala Nya Tidning October 2016

"One of Sweden's most inventive folk bands."  

Nordstjernan September 2016

"Jaerv is a fantastic group from western Sweden who constantly develops and broadens its musical base. The vocal takes more and more space, and there is also a choir singing on a few tracks. It is neat, skillfully arranged, elegant and resilient with a cool version of the ballad Silibrand."

Spelmannen October 2016

"The West-Swedish quintet Jaerv has grown from Swedish and Finnish roots, a complex tree that stretches towards the sky embraced by jazz and improvisation. Under den Linden is energetic, extroverted and epic."

Folkworld.de #6 2016

The talented Swedish group, always attached to its Swedish and Finnish roots, also brilliantly composed, to the point that some of these compositions are hardly distinguishable from traditional tunes. It must be said that Jaerv creates arrangements that are both modern and harmonious, with very beautiful passages with several singing voices, an Irish flute and pretty percussions. We go from the simplest ballad to the folk-pop worthy of the great scenes, passing by some jazz improvisations, reveries, polskas, waltzes ... This very well-cared universe is undeniably endearing!
Le Canard Folk February 2017

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